Your Company Brand is Not What You Think: 5 Steps to a Brand That Gets You Repeat Clients/ Partnerships

Your Company Brand is Not What You Think: 5 Steps to a Brand That Gets You Repeat Clients/ Partnerships

When we hear the word ‘brand’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Chances are you immediately envisioned an apple missing a bite, golden arches in front of a red backdrop or maybe even a jingle, the best part of waking up….well you know the rest.

When we create a product or business aside from ensuring it’s the best possible version in it’s industry we also set out to ensure, our home, logo, color palette, etc, become a household name or at least best in its class to the interested customers and competition.

While your logo, color pallet, slogan, etc. are all very important contributors to your brand that allow you a seat at the business table by giving clients, customers, potential partners and colleagues a chance to see how you show up in the world, your brand has far greater purpose then this.

To establish a brand is to establish nostalgia. The art of brand building requires that those connected with you are operating based on all senses rather then only a mutually beneficial exchange which is fickle at best. This is what create a repeat relationship. So how do you create a senses catering brand? I’m glad you asked…please see the five tips below:

1. See- Think of a product you are particularly fond of. What comes to mind the instant that you see it? If the product you are thinking of is branded right, it immediately gave you a feeling of success, power, popularity or happiness. A brand should evoke in your customers a sense of necessity when they see it. That feeling of making life easier, better or both.

2. Hear- It’s still true today that in fact, the best advertisement is and always will be word of mouth hence the world of online reviews we currently live in. What people say and hear about your product or business will far surpass any first impression you will ever make. A major part of creating and building your brand is also giving the masses something to talk about……something positive that is.

3. Touch- Is your product or business easy to use? When people utilize a product or business it’s not because they are interested in solving a Rubix Cube. They come to you because your service provides exactly what they need to make life that much easier. In other words, it’s the right tool for the job leading to comfort and success in some area. When people think of your brand they should conjure a feeling of relax, we got your back.

4. Taste- When client or partner thinks about incorporating your vision, product or business into their lives how does it fit and function with all other options they use currently? Will it replace or enhance them? Think through what other products or businesses are a match for yours and how you can partner with or eliminate them.

5. Smell- At the conclusion of a customer or partners first use of your product or business is it immediately satisfying? Do customers/partners immediately see the benefit of using your service or do you find yourself explaining how it works or what they should feel? A good brand is a straight forward self explanatory payoff that solves some issue for the individual immediately.

How does your brand stack up?