What Does Your Brand Stand For?

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

A brand must stand for something. And that something must be clear, to be perceived as authentic.

What will you stand for?

Your goal is to create a brand so authentic that it would be difficult to duplicate.

Perhaps you are beginning this branding journey with an idea scribbled on a napkin. Or perhaps your goal is to resurrect or revitalize a failing brand. Either way, you begin the process by developing an Authentic Master StrategyTM (AMS) that will guide you in building, executing, and managing the brand. An AMS gives meaning and focus to your organization, and pride and purpose to your brand.

An AMS is more than simply organizing the functional benefits of your product. An AMS digs deeper, mapping out an overall blueprint for your core competence, target markets and brand identity, from your organizationโ€™s intrinsic core values and culture to the brandโ€™s public personality and emotional appeal. Your master strategy will set the stage for successful execution of all the elements, as well as long-term management of the brand.

Your branding must embody the essence of your company. What do you stand for? What is your brand promise? Can you identify company values that customers can share? How will customers experience your brand? How will your employees experience your organizationโ€™s culture? How will your brand experience differentiate you from all other competitors?

Your AMS must fill in all these blanks, or you will find it increasingly difficult to compete in the 21st Century marketplace. Your job is to make people love your brand.

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