Visual Assets Are Financial Assets

Visual Assets Are Financial Assets

Your visual assets, from your brand icon to your packaging, can turn a commodity product into a premium product, a product that becomes a valuable financial asset. The brand identity is owned by the company, but the brand image is owned by customers.

Wrapped up in that brand image is their expectation of a product, service and company, which your visual assets can quickly convey across every touchpoint encounter, again and again.

The five tangible assets that are most important to a companyโ€™s brand are:

1. The mark/logo

2. The name

3. Font/typographical look

4. Colors

5. Tagline

Every other visual touchpoint stems fromโ€”and repeatsโ€”these elements. Each of these five elements should be expressed consistently across all touchpoints.

And each of these five elements must be compatible with each other, conveying consistent personality and meaning.