The 3 Cs of Copywriting

The 3 Cs of Copywriting

Contrast: Benefits must be communicated, and well. The value of your product or service must be emphasized. Benefits cannot be alluded to, or hinted at, or left to conjecture. They have got to jump off the page! (Tastefully, of course.)

Clarity: If you are driving along and suddenly hit a patch of fog, you slow down. That is exactly what your prospects do when they hit a patch of foggy copy. Speak plainly, stay on point and make sure your message is clear. Say what needs to be said and nothing more. They’re looking for an excuse to click off. Don’t give it to them!

Continuum: Go with a sensible flow. Pull your prospect from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph with tight, fluid copy. Imagine copy as a continuous thread being pulled tighter and tighter as it nears the end. If your prospect stumbles or has to do a “say-what?”, they will get annoyed click-off will quickly follow.

Create a compelling content structure:

1. Grab attention

2. Show relevance

3. Get to the benefits quickly

4. Make it easy for the customer to decide (and buy!)

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