Shortening the Sell-Through Trajectory

Shortening the Sell-Through Trajectory

Authentic touchpoints shorten the sell-through trajectory. The faster you become believable and trustable, the shorter the path to the close.

In the new economy, we forge relationships with strategic partners whose goals align with our goals, and whose market or customer base intersects with ours. We forge strategic alliances in innovative new ways, often deploying technology to accelerate growth and revenue; for example, plugging into a strategic partner’s existing customer database. It is a whole lot faster than building your own database.

You can shave years off the brand-building curve, and literally catapult a brand into the marketplace overnight. Take it from FedEx, who knows a thing or two about overnight delivery. When Kinko’s and FedEx joined forces to put FedEx stations in Kinko’s locations (now called FedEx Office), FedEx exponentially multiplied market share and penetration—once again, overnight.

Look for shortcuts in your selling cycle to generate profits quicker. And by “shortcuts,” we mean doing things smarter, not shabbier.

Start by analyzing customer flow-through. Diagram your sales flow through, step by step, from your lead generators to the close.

Do you see steps that could be eliminated?

Or steps whose lead-time could be shortened?

For example, one solution is to create an educational website that leads the customer through your entire sales process. Providing substantive online educational tools empowers customers and helps them reach decisions faster and without the usual overhead.