Founder Eric Alon started WSS by selling shoes out of his van at local swap meets. With over 3000 styles to choose from, the store was known for a wide range of athletic footwear, including Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Pumas, Vans, CAT, and many others. WSS eventually grew to 65 store locations throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.


Because of the 2008 recession, WSS lost 10% of its gross profits annually for three consecutive years, as its primary demographic had less disposable income during this time. Concerned about its future, WSS seriously considered moving its entire business online.


Kicking things off with its 3-Day Master Blueprint to determine the company’s core DNA, HOW CREATIVE analyzed what made the company unique and why it should matter to current and potential customers. They reevaluated the company’s business, market, sales, partnerships, public relations, and Brand Identity and assessed its Authentic Touchpoints™ (every contact point to a prospect and customer), from the company’s core message to the look and identity of their stores. Mr. Lim also reviewed a recent audit to determine the company’s assets and liabilities, defined the CEO’s vision and company philosophy, values, and culture, and worked with company VPs to develop a more robust business model to overcome obstacles and obtain financial goals.

With more than 500 Authentic Touchpoints, HOW CREATIVE developed a Brand Identity system with a unique personality that truly reflected what WSS stood for, differentiating them from their competition and issuing a promise to earn the trust of everyone, from customers to vendors.

Mr. Lim integrated WSS’s brand manual, name, mark, colors, tagline, advertisements, marketing, store redesign, signage, billboards, radio spots, banners, events, vehicle designs, direct response, and incentive programs, giving the brand a clear, bold voice and look and expanding its business model and revenue streams.


Because of the store repositioning and rebranding, WSS had a remarkable shift in just seven months: Retail profits increased by 200%, while internet sales grew by over 1,500%. In addition to reinforcing its relationship with its primary demographic, WSS strengthened its relationships with key strategic partners, forging more robust business-to-business marketing and co-branding opportunities. WSS also formed a stronger bond with its customers.

Down to 52 stores in the greater Los Angeles area when they first started working with HOW CREATIVE, WSS grew to 92 stores in under eight years. Producing record-breaking revenues and profit, WSS continues to open new stores each year across the United States.