Tempus Expeditions


A provider of advanced audio and kinetic technologies for multimedia and motion-based rides, Tempus Expeditions systems are at work in Journey to Atlantis at Seaworld (Orlando), Star Trek: The Experience (Las Vegas), King Tut’s Tomb at Busch Gardens (Tampa), Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios (Los Angeles), and IMAX Ridefilm attractions worldwide.


It was difficult to vividly capture the spirit and energy of a company dedicated to captivating and scaring millions of people for fun. Since the company was so dynamic and multifaceted, a single visual approach seemed confining and inadequate.


With adventure as the driving force behind the thrills and chills created by Tempus Expeditions, HOW CREATIVE produced a lively montage, assembling a vast and whimsical array of images that best represented the company’s past, present, and future and its raison d’être. Images from the montage were used on numerous items and products, including park tickets, gift certificates, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, refrigerator magnets, signage, and more.

Involved in the opening of a new ride attraction at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Tempus Expeditions relied on HOW CREATIVE to oversee the creation of merchandising materials that best reflected their multidimensional, high-energy approach to ride attractions. All this was done to connect the Tempus Expeditions brand to the new ride premiering at the Mall of America.


The products for the new ride attraction at the Mall of America proved to be a sensation, contributing to ticket sellouts while adding brand value and equity to Tempus Expeditions. Moreover, HOW CREATIVE’s Authentic Touchpoints, employed in promoting the premiere, significantly enhanced customer perception of the event and attendance. The merchandise created was applauded for representing the brand accurately and giving customers a chance to take a bit of their exciting event experience home with them.