Founded by Jan Miller in 1998, Stander is broadly invested in the invention, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative mobility solutions for the bed, couch, car, and bathroom. With a reputation for developing unique products, Stander’s primary focus is on the durable medical equipment cash-and-carry market, with all products retailing for under $199.

Dedicated to recruiting the industry’s best and brightest engineers and patent attorneys, Stander pledged to bring two to four new products to market each year. In product categories where it faces competition, Stander is the low-price leader by a wide margin, maintaining its price leadership position by value-engineering products to keep quality high and prices low.


Having secured a strong niche in the durable medical equipment industry, Stander extended its vision to the mass retail market. In this new business model, they quickly discovered that many of the lessons they had learned in achieving their leadership position had to be rethought and revamped. While its products were ready for mass retail distribution, its brand image would likely hold it back from taking that next step.


Via a HOW CREATIVE Master Blueprint session, Stander learned valuable lessons about linking business strategy to brand strategy. With Mr. Lim’s help, Stander redefined their approach to mass retail distribution and developed a solid business model for creating multiple revenue streams.

In their sessions with Mr. Lim, Stander also developed their brand vision and philosophy, consumer aspiration, emotional drivers, brand promise and position, core message, new brand name and personality, company manual, and tagline. Together, these led to a concrete plan and timeline for reinventing their Brand Identity to enter the mass retail market.


In the seven months following the business, brand, and customer strategy meeting with HOW CREATIVE, sales at Stander grew by 32%. It’s worth noting that no new products were brought to market during that time. Thanks largely to the new Brand Identity, Stander successfully landed and grew accounts with mass retailers, including Walmart, Costco, Target, Sears, K-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid,, Overstock, and Amazon.

Stander’s new Brand Identity made it easier to sell products and build customer loyalty. The company enjoyed a 100% close rate on all prospects their sales and development team contacted in person. In addition, the new Brand Identity inspired the Stander team, increasing their confidence in the company and its purpose.