opticwash, a kiosk machine that washes eyewear, began as an experiment in founder Bryan Myers’ garage. A modern, technology-driven solution to a common problem, the machine would do what traditional cleaning methods did not, and that was thoroughly clean glasses without scratching the lens and do it quickly and effectively. Mr. Myers wanted the kiosk to be entertaining and affordable to all, costing $1 per cleaning.


More concept than execution-oriented, Mr. Myers didn’t know where to begin in the marketing of his kiosk and needed help bringing his innovative product to the public. Mr. Myers also needed guidance in creating a sustainable and profitable business model that would enable the company to keep charging customers only $1 per use.


Working with Mr. Myers and his brother, Brandon, Mr. Lim and his team at HOW CREATIVE produced a series of business, branding, marketing, and pricing objectives and promotional strategies to get the product out to consumers as quickly as possible. Through retail business development, they created brand guidelines that would help open vertical markets and create an experience that consumers would return to often.

In a 3-Day Master Blueprint strategy session with the Myers brothers, Mr. Lim identified a lucrative business model with several potential revenue streams to grow the company and increase profits, including accepting different payment forms at the kiosk, a renter profit-sharing plan, supplies to renters for purchase, and international licensing. Mr. Lim also helped the company file a stronger patent, offering better functionality, benefits, and value, and identified distribution and marketing channels that would provide the greatest exposure.

Recommending a name change from “Shade Saver,” the company’s original name, to “opticwash” for a broader appeal, Mr. Lim also designed and synchronized the new brand image across multiple Authentic Touchpoints, including kiosks, vehicle wraps, corporate mark, stationery, brochures, press kit folders, tradeshow booths, app, animations, website, and more.


Because of HOW CREATIVE’s innovative rebranding efforts, opticwash quickly became a brand leader and the world’s first automated kiosk dedicated to cleaning eyewear. Achieving in a few years what takes others decades, opticwash has gone on to expand into the nation’s largest malls, airports, car washes, military locations, and other vertical markets.