Milo Butler


Sir Milo Boughton Butler (August 11, 1906 – January 22, 1979) was a Bahamian administrator and The Bahamas’ first governor-general. A politician, leader, and businessman, he is commemorated with a statue in downtown Nassau, and his portrait graces the Bahamas $20 note. The Bahamas-based Milo B. Butler & Sons (Milo Butler) traces its roots back to a small grocery store established in 1928. Taking on its present structure 50 years ago, it remains a family-owned-and-operated business, now in its third generation.

Milo Butler is one of The Bahamas’ largest wholesale grocery distributors. In addition, the group owns Butler’s Home Essentials, Butler’s Bargain Mart, and Flying Dutchman liquor stores. Milo Butler distributes 35 brands and numerous sub-brands, including Twinings Tea, Juice Bowl, and products including corned beef, tuna, rice, and various air freshener and pet food products. Apart from its operating businesses, the Milo Butler group owns two shopping plazas, the Port Lucaya Marketplace in Freeport and the Carmichael Mall in Nassau. It has equity stakes in several BISX-listed public companies, including AML Foods, Cable Bahamas, and Commonwealth Bank.


Milo Butler had a powerful legacy but struggled with reflecting this rich history into a current, relevant asset and was unsuccessful at leveraging its past. Before the rebranding, Milo Butler’s properties and Authentic Touchpoints (vehicle wraps, brand marks, storefronts, warehouse, signage, advertisements, public relations, office interiors, billboards, websites, informs, packaging, marketing materials, et al.) looked outdated, failing to appeal to the more relevant, younger demographic. As a result, they were rapidly losing market share and customers to their competitors.


Via HOW CREATIVE’s 3-Day Master Blueprint, Mr. Lim quickly set out to align the strategies of Milo Butler’s newly enhanced business model. Rebranding the company to create a more modern look and aesthetic, HOW CREATIVE executed new marketing campaigns using both traditional and digital media. The rebranding included communicating the company’s philosophy, values, personality, and vision for the future. A brand promise was established, demonstrating that Milo Butler could be counted upon to deliver on its customer commitments. Mr. Lim and his team created and aligned new and inspiring Authentic Touchpoints by improving customer experience and retention through expanded marketing channels and operational improvements, including redesigned brand marks, advertisements, brand manual, packaging, vehicle wraps, and facility makeovers.


The rebranding established a more modern, customer-focused company that offered shoppers an entirely new experience. Fresh, relevant, and inspiring, the new-and-improved stores encouraged customers to be part of the Milo Butler brand experience, boosting customer spending. The brand overhaul also inspired a greater sense of loyalty in employees, managers, company leaders, and partners.

To preserve the legacy and vision of the group’s founder, the company’s overall structure was updated so the business could continue growing and remain relevant. Today, the Milo Butler brand is bigger and better than ever. More than a business, Milo Butler has become an investment in the community, establishing itself as an authentically Bahamian brand that honors the rich legacy of its country and people. Milo Butler was later sold successfully to new ownership.