Located in Redding, California, CopperRidge is a skilled nursing facility that specializes in short-term rehabilitation.


Losing out to larger facilities dominating the market, CopperRidge aspired to rank as the number one skilled nursing facility in their area and sought recognition for doing the job right the first time. Working with a Brand Identity that was generic and dated, CopperRidge needed a dynamic rebranding that highlighted its unique position in the industry so it could stand out from large and less specialized skilled nursing facilities.


HOW CREATIVE’s first order of business was to differentiate CopperRidge from its competitors and deliver on its promise of “Healing Right the First Time™.” With a fully integrated Brand Identity that included a new brand mark, the new and improved brand would focus on CopperRidge’s high-quality nursing staff and faculty and excellent pre, intra, and post-patient care. Mr. Lim and his team positioned CopperRidge’s new brand story through sophisticated marketing and publicity campaigns as well as radio, billboard, and digital advertising.


After a highly-successful rebranding, CopperRidge went on to become the number one referred skilled nursing facility in its area, earning a five-star Medicare rating. Along with the sharp increase in brand value, equity, and overall revenue, a strong and vibrant company culture was created, resulting in better staff retention, productivity, and engagement.