Extending the Brand Identity Across All Touchpoints

Extending the Brand Identity Across All Touchpoints

Touchpoints are contact points, lead generators, greeters, and the primary drivers of brand equity and brand value. Thousands of companies fail because they could not communicate the complete brand experience through an integrated set of touchpoints: One voice, one message: a unified, authentic story.

To accomplish this, you must map every step of the customer’s journey, from awareness to experience and, finally, loyalty.

Every brand is built on experiences. And each touchpoint is a new opportunity to differentiate the brand from its competition and reinforce customer loyalty. Customers determine the meaning and the value of a brand over time; in other words, brand-building is a process, and it happens over time. One touchpoint encounter might make a great first impression, but if subsequent touchpoint encounters do not hold up their end of the bargain, you can lose a customer you had, or turn a prospect who was on the verge of becoming a customer into a prospect who flips to your competitor’s brand.

Authentic touchpoints are valuable brand assets. But faulty touchpoints can turn valuable brand assets into liabilities.

What step’s can you take to make sure your assets do not turn into liabilities?

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