Expand Your Customer Core

Expand Your Customer Core

Thorough, accurate customer profiling will help you uncover innovative new ways to expand your core customer base and reach beyond existing demand.

Use the customer profile tactics to pinpoint prospects who:

1. No longer purchase your products and/or service?

2. No longer purchase your products and/or service in your existing category?

3. Are now purchase your products and/or service alternative products?

4. May not understand the aspiration and value of your product and/or category. How can you educate them on it?

Identify features and benefits these market segments seek that are not currently being met. How can you reach these prospects? Build on common aspirations that extend to people who are not currently customers, rather than focusing on existing customers. If your complete brand identity is broadcast consistently through your touchpoints, you’ll nab new species of customers who relate to your core values.

Is your brand image conveying your true brand identity? Many companies are not aware that the perception they are creating in the eyes of customers does not align with their brand positioning and brand values. Often, it is the simplest details that confuse or repel customers and become an obstacle to closing the sale. If your brochure is vague, if your website is cold and formal and does not communicate who you really are and why a prospect should choose your brand, you’ve created an obstacle.

If you are looking for a particular top-quality product and you walk into a shop that has a cement garage floor and an ancient metal 1970s desk, chances are, you will be tempted to walk away. That shabby storefront is a touchpoint that doesn’t communicate the level of quality you are seeking.

Scrutinize all your touchpoints. Eliminate any obstacle that is costing you business.