Does Perception Align With Reality?

Does Perception Align With Reality?

For each of your top three competitors, look for gaps between what they claim and what is actually true.

Are they claiming features, benefits or advantages that their brand does not actually possess? (If so, that is an opportunity you can exploit.)

Strive to own the most important attribute in your category. Otherwise, you may be forever doomed to a smaller slice of the market. Whether you own the most important attribute or not, it’s still better to be different.

But simply owning a strong differentiating attribute isn’t enough. You have to communicate that difference. It’s not possible to over communicate your difference. Reinforce your message again and again across all your touchpoints. Customer perceptions evolve through communication. Remember, you’re fighting for mindshare. And marketing is a battle fought in the mind of the customer.

Great copy differentiates.

A distinctive brand name differentiates. A unique, professional graphic look differentiates. Personality is perhaps the greatest differentiator of them all. Pair a compelling brand personality with an authentic differentiating attribute, and you’ve got an unbeatable combination.

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