Core Business Strategy and Core Brand Strategy

Core Business Strategy and Core Brand Strategy

Authenticity emerges from your Authentic DNA code. Your DNA code is critical in defining the core of your business model and your brand values, from which you’ll build out all other business and brand attributes.

Remember, your strategy must connect the dots between your brand values, brand identity and brand image. In other words, you must align the values of your company and products with the brand identity you hatch and send out into the world and the customer’s perception of that identity.

Brand alignment matters. That means your AMS must link your business strategy to your brand strategy (also known as customer experience). The whole-company culture must unite and align all the organization’s behaviors behind a clear authentic brand.

Build an Authentic Master Strategy, and an authentic brand will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

An authentic brand starts with an organization’s CEO and trickles down. Your brand philosophy will be part and parcel of your corporate culture.

Brand philosophy is the source of your brand. Your brand philosophy will be the GPS that guides your business in every endeavor. Brand philosophy is the heart and soul imprinted on your company’s brand core. Authenticity naturally emerges from corporate culture. It is holistic, the very essence of how your entire organization operates daily, from the marketplace to the boardroom.

Your brand philosophy will reflect your brand’s personal values and principles through your brand’s infancy, defining your corporate consciousness from an early age. As your brand grows up, you can never lose sight of your brand philosophy. It will always preserve your brand’s essence and maintain brand authenticity.

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