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We position, design, and build world-class businesses and brands by identifying their hidden and future potential, shifting a company’s trajectory for accelerated profits, value, and opportunities. Realize your potential for greater wealth, value, and success by reaching out to us today.

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HOW CREATIVE wants to partner with you in taking your business to its maximum potential. Learning more about you and your company is the first step. Please take your time to answer each of our questions below, as your answers will help us gain a better understanding of your objectives and expectations so we can better support your growth and success.

HOW Can We Support You?

    Building a business and brand out of sequence can cost you almost everything; it can even stop you from getting your product or service to market. We'll sequence your business and brand creation process properly, saving you time and money and fast-tracking your traction in the market by helping you get your ideal buyers or customers.

    Eventually, you'll need to connect with new markets, launch a new campaign, enhance your brand voice, increase your engagement with buyers or customers, and improve your Brand Identity and brand story consistency. We can support you with all of this and much more.

    Your business and brand are constantly evolving, and you have outgrown your Brand Identity, message, and personality. Your product or service has grown outdated, is losing out to competitors, and no longer attracts your ideal buyer or customer. We can redesign your business from the inside-out to reach your desired market and business goals.

    Your business and brand have reached a plateau, and you can't figure out how to scale and grow. With our proprietary SIM System™, we can expand your channels and market share and gain a broader share of buyers and customers quickly, efficiently, and on a local, national, or global level.

    The most successful companies always have experienced and savvy advisors on their teams. Business and Brand Architect™ Howard A. Lim takes his 35-plus years of expertise to help you set and achieve your business goals, including increasing profitability, productivity, employee retention, and more.

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