Characters and Plots in Authentic Brands®

Characters and Plots in Authentic Brands®

Authentic Brands® stories, like great literary works, feature believable characters and plots. Just as contrived characters and plots diminish the quality of literature, they also undermine the credibility of brand narratives.

Consider the classic depiction of the glamorous, effortlessly perfect housewife scrubbing her child’s stubborn stains with a miraculous floor cleaner. This outdated portrayal lacks authenticity in today’s reality, eliciting skepticism or even ridicule from modern consumers. False notes in brand stories breed suspicion or amusement, neither of which is conducive to building an authentic connection with the audience.

Believable characters don’t have to be human. Take the Pillsbury Doughboy or the animated M&Ms, for example. Despite being fictional entities, they possess a sense of humanity infused by their creators. These characters, though not real, resonate with consumers and effectively convey product attributes in ways that brochures or fact sheets cannot.

On the other hand, consider the Jack in the Box spokesman—an actual human with a quirky persona. While differentiated, this character may not necessarily be engaging, likable, or trustworthy to all audiences due to its unconventional portrayal.

In defining your brand’s character, it’s crucial to consider how it reflects and communicates your product’s essence. A well-crafted character can enhance brand identity, evoke emotional connections, and effectively convey key messages to consumers.

So, what character embodies your brand, and what does it communicate about your product?

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