Thin Slices: Making Sense of Complex Situations

Psychologists use the phrase “thin slicing” to describe the human ability to analyze and make sense of complex situations based on the thinnest slice of experience. A thin-slicer makes a quick decision about a new product from his cumulative wisdom about thousands of other products. Years of experience can be distilled to a single snap […]

Customer Intuition and the Snap Judgement

How quickly does a customer make a buying decision? More often than not, much quicker than we imagine, even for expensive purchases. That is because the decision is about more than money. And sometimes because the decision was probably already made on some level. The customer had been thinking about buying that Ferrari and was […]

How We Make Decisions: Emotion, Intuition and Brand Strategy

The customer’s emotional experience is the most important component of the brand experience, and part of a larger symmetry: The branding strategist’s ability to process each element of brand strategy, execution and management on an emotional level will be critical to forging a successful bond with the customer. Gender is a lens, and authentic brand-building […]

Brand Assets in an Authentic Brand

Take a look at some of the ways brand assets become financial assets… • An authentic brand is the most efficient path to overcoming consumers objections and closing sales. A powerful brand, in fact, pre-sells. Cleverly branded products sell themselves. Products with colorless, indistinctive brand identities must rely on constant promotions to thrive—or for that […]

In Pursuit of Authenticity

Once upon a time, way back in the 20th century, we tended to favor the mass marketing approach. We threw a lot of mud at the wall, figuring that at least some of it would stick. The mud that stuck we called “market share.” In the new economy, mass marketing will not launch a brand, […]

The 3 Cs of Copywriting

Contrast: Benefits must be communicated, and well. The value of your product or service must be emphasized. Benefits cannot be alluded to, or hinted at, or left to conjecture. They have got to jump off the page! (Tastefully, of course.) Clarity: If you are driving along and suddenly hit a patch of fog, you slow […]