Authenticity And A Strong Brand

Authenticity And A Strong Brand

An authentic story thrives on believable characters and plots. Just as the greatest literary works steer clear of contrivances, so do the best brand narratives. Can you truly believe the image of a flawless, glamorous “housewife” effortlessly cleaning her child’s mess with a miraculous floor cleaner? Such scenes belong to a bygone era; they evoke memories of June Cleaver from “Leave it to Beaver,” vacuuming in pearls and heels.

False notes in storytelling arouse suspicion or, worse, elicit laughter. Neither outcome sets a promising tone for authenticity. Remember, authenticity doesn’t necessitate human characters. Think of the Pillsbury Doughboy or the animated M&Msโ€”they’re not real, yet they exude authenticity. M&Ms don’t dance; they remain still in their wrappers. Opening a Pillsbury canister won’t summon a giggling doughboy. What imbues these creations with authenticity is their humanity; their creators breathe life into them, infusing them with personality and the ability to convey product nuances that brochures or fact sheets can’t.

Now, contrast these with the fast-food hamburger category’s enigmatic spokesman, Jack from Jack in the Box. While differentiated, is he truly engaging, likable, trustworthy, or believable? Despite being a human, Jack’s androgynous toy-head costume adds an element of ambiguity.

Reflect on your brand’s authenticity in light of these qualities.

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