An Authentic Brand – Make the Promise and Engage

An Authentic Brand – Make the Promise and Engage

An Authentic Brand story begins with a promiseโ€”an assurance of value, whether it’s fun, safety, savings, efficiency, or any other benefit. This promise must be bold, exceptional, and distinct from those made by competitors. Take, for example, Avis’s earnest pledge to “try harder,” which effectively differentiated the brand from industry leader Hertz.

Crucially, this promise must be upheld. Avis’s commitment to trying harder resonated with customers, propelling the brand to category leadership. Consistency in delivering on the promise not only reinforces the brand’s value proposition but also establishes authenticityโ€”a badge of honor in the eyes of consumers.

An Authentic Brand story captivates customers from the outset. First impressions, or “thin slices,” wield significant influence, as customers quickly form opinions based on initial interactions with the brand. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers lack the patience to sift through every detail; instead, they instinctively create narratives about the brand and seek evidence to validate their assumptions.

In this context, appealing to the senses is paramount. A scent, a sight, or a sound can instantly engage and enthrall, creating a lasting impression. Just as we form rapid judgments about people upon first meeting them, consumers swiftly evaluate brands, making snap decisions about their likability and credibility.

Earning the right to tell your brand story hinges on credibility. Without credibility, no customer will lend an ear to your narrative. It’s through consistent delivery on promises, coupled with sensory engagement, that brands earn the trust and attention of their audience.

In summary, crafting an authentic brand story involves making bold promises, delivering on them consistently, and engaging customers’ senses to captivate their attention and earn their trust.

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