How We Do It

HOW CREATIVE has developed, implemented, and refined a comprehensive system for building a successful, world-class business. Using our proprietary SIM System™, we integrate Strategy, Implementation, and Management into a seamless process that can be successfully applied to every aspect of your brand.

By identifying a company’s hidden potential and shifting its trajectory for exponential growth, our streamlined, highly effective approach is as economical as it is efficient, offering more value for your dollar while increasing market share. Faster than conventional strategic planning, branding, and marketing methods, our unique approach collapses time for accelerated outcomes, increasing company profits, value, and opportunities


About Howard A. Lim

Award-winning Business and Brand Architect™ Howard A. Lim designs businesses from the inside-out. A disruptive innovator who shifts paradigms, Mr. Lim and his boutique, full-service firm, HOW CREATIVE, partner with business owners worldwide to develop and execute world-class, leading businesses and Authentic Brands®. A highly sought-after speaker, author, and organization advisor for over 35 years, Mr. Lim has represented everyone from emerging entrepreneurs to established Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, Disney, Paramount, Xerox, Oracle, Cirque du Soleil, Mattel, AT&T, and HP. His contributions have added billions to clients’ profits while increasing brand value and company equity.

The author of Authentic Branding®, Mr. Lim is a frequent and popular speaker. Regularly hosting seminars and workshops the world over, Mr. Lim has taught more than 100,000 business owners how to build distinctive, world-class brands that connect intellectually and emotionally with customers.

Mr. Lim is an advisor to many organizations, including Cal Poly’s The College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Advisory Council, Malibu Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, INPEX, and iCAN. He is also the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Euroinvent Ambassador of Innovation Award, INPEX Lifetime Achievement Award, and iCAN Speaker Award.

Our Promise

We promise more value for your dollar.


Enriching millions of lives daily, we help businesses elevate their products, services, and information sources into leading Authentic Brands® that connect with people intellectually, emotionally, and socially for a better tomorrow.


We take over 35 years of Fortune 100 business and branding expertise and apply it to companies of all sizes for accelerated growth in revenue, profits, brand value and equity, partnerships, and customer experience.


  • Integrity: Honest, transparent, and authentic – we are a partner and advocate you can trust.
  • Holism: Whole-brain thinking allows us to balance rational business structure with creative and intuitive thinking to create business and branding campaigns that connect with customers viscerally and emotionally.
  • Disruption: Leading with a disruptive point of view, we differentiate our clients in the marketplace by combining the latest business trends and developments with cutting-edge technology and systems whenever possible. By monitoring technology trends, social media, and the zeitgeist, we create innovative solutions that often create entirely new brand categories.
  • Inspiration: We are committed to building products, businesses, and brands that inspire and motivate. We are passionate about creating Authentic Businesses and Brands™ that will transform an average employee into a brand champion and a potential prospect into a loyal customer.
  • Craftsmanship: We can build, upgrade, or make over a business that will increase revenue, profits, and market share, and continue to grow exponentially while maintaining its uniqueness and authenticity.