Let Us Help You Build a World‑Class Business and Brand that Attracts Greater Wealth and Opportunities.
Why HOW?

Here at HOW Creative, we understand that every business has an equal opportunity for success. Every business has their own unique story to tell, which is why you should never settle for being a simple, knockoff brand.

Since 1987, HOW Creative has partnered with businesses to develop business, branding and marketing strategies, help execute powerful and innovative business ideas, and maintain Authentic Brands®. It is from that core expertise, that allowed HOW Creative to evolve into a successful, international firm, whose unique core model includes two distinct, yet complementary domains: business and branding.

Put Simply: We Design Businesses® That Are Worth Far More

Today, around the world, business success is a delicate blend of both science and art. It is a process that requires the creative genius to be harmonized with technical know-how, in the proper proportions. We’ll make your business model more efficient and profitable by pinpointing what your business, and your brand, truly stand for. We’ll help you define (or revitalize) your business structure, purpose, values and culture. Through this brand positioning process, we will help you create a brand that is not only authentic, but difficult to duplicate – thus creating a valuable piece of intellectual property.

HOW Creative is a full-service firm. From A to Z, we can do it all. From start-up and exit strategies to employer branding and online marketing strategies, and everything in between, HOW creative will be with you every step of the way, regardless of what phase of your business life cycle you are in. Even if you are an established company who has outgrown its primary niche or market, we can help develop new marketing objectives and promotional strategies to help you gain a foothold in additional markets. We always focus on designing holistic, whole-business platforms that are flexible enough to support and encourage, future growth. Our process and concepts are all evidence-based and will work for any business, any product and any service.

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