Designing Businesses For Maximum Potential®

In today’s bustling marketplace, consumers face an unprecedented array of products and services, causing decision fatigue and indecision across local, national, and global markets. Traditional business strategies, compartmentalized branding, and marketing efforts are proving inadequate in distinguishing oneself amidst this sea of choices.

Many businesses struggle to tap into more than 25% of their potential. Yet, envision unlocking 90% or more of your company’s capabilities, experiencing exponential growth and profitability within record time. Enter HOW CREATIVE®, a pioneer in the industry with its award-winning, proprietary methodology. We specialize in unlocking your business’s full potential, guiding you towards unparalleled growth in revenue, profits, value, and equity. Join us and witness the transformation of your business landscape.

Introducing - We Design Businesses®

HOW CREATIVE has redefined the agency concept, transcending mere rebranding to truly design businesses from within. Our approach seamlessly integrates profitable business models, Authentic Branding®, market domination, and customer experience, forging unstoppable synergies that yield exceptional results. With extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies globally, our expertise is unparalleled.

As disruptors, we focus on shaping the future while drawing valuable lessons from the past without being hindered by it. Our prolific work across diverse industries has resulted in a trademarked and time-tested model, SIM System™, adaptable to every client and industry.

With over 35 years of experience, HOW CREATIVE offers unrivaled expertise in Designing Businesses For Maximum Potential™, creating greater value and equity for all stakeholders. Our proprietary SIM System™ streamlines business, branding, marketing, and sales efforts, saving companies significant costs and positioning them as leaders in their industry.

Our universal model applies to businesses of all sizes and sectors, offering solutions for business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or business-to-government entities. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, our SIM System ensures not just sustainability but also growth and scalability in any market or industry. Join us in realizing your business’s full potential.

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Trusted by over 6.000 Ambitious Brands Across the US

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Learn how companies around the globe use HOW CREATIVE to build leading businesses that scale and grow.

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Who We Are?

Who We Are?

We Are SEOs, Writers, Designers, Developers and Strategists

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What We Do?

We believe in building strong brands
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Who We Help?

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7 Good Reasons
To Hire Us:

HOW CREATIVE — Designing Businesses for Maximum Potential™

We blend business development with branding and customer engagement to generate exponential profits, growth, value, and new opportunities in the least amount of time.

We guarantee more value for your dollar. That’s our brand promise to you.

We design your business using its hidden and future potential, resulting in exponential growth, profits, new opportunities, and longevity.

Using our exclusive SIM System, we will design, redesign, or upgrade your business from the inside-out, increasing value for ALL of your stakeholders, including shareholders, owners, CEOs, employees, partners, sponsors, customers, media, and investors.

With over 35 years of large-cap, Fortune 500 experience, we can create and lead from current best practices to differentiate and accelerate your company’s growth, whether you’re an emerging start-up or an established business.

We’ll discover the unique and authentic DNA code behind your business, brand, and customer base to build a world-class, leading company.

Award-winning Business and Brand Architect™ Howard A. Lim offers the best in customer service, taking a personal, hands-on approach as he integrates your business, branding, and customer relations with strategy, implementation, and management.

Guided by our principles, we are authentic, fun, creative, and disruptive; we genuinely enjoy building business and brand leaders that people can trust.

Plus, we’ve picked up plenty of awards and industry recognition.

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